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CNY Battleground 4 Confirmed fights

                                           Confirmed Fights For CNY Battleground 4

Eric Mendiola (MVMMA)  vs.  Jean Francois Girard (Les Princes MMA)   145lbs   TITLE FIGHT

Rob Best (MVMMA)  vs.  Sabir Bagautdinov (Apex)   155lbs  TITLE FIGHT

Daryl Labour (Five Element Fight Team)  vs.  Jason Tucker (Knockout Factory)  185lbs  TITLE FIGHT

Paul Karabon (Five Element Fight Team)  vs.  Andre Belcarris (N.E. Assassins)  135lbs  TITLE FIGHT

Paul Randall (Infinity MMA)  vs.  James Chaplin (Ultimate Athletics)  Super Heavy  TITLE FIGHT

Jody Curtis (MVMMA)  vs.  Jon Conklin (Five Element Fight Team)  130lbs                                            

Pete San Antonio (MVMMA)  vs.  Alex Maldonado (Texas)  155lbs 

Scott Traskey (MVMMA)  vs.  Geoff Hoyt (Lockdown)  155lbs

David Tutuska (MVMMA)  vs.  Josh Fancher(Infinity MMA)   135lbs

Alex Sinspraith (Five Element Fight Team)  vs.  Ian Beatese (N.E. Assassins)  145lbs

Vince Ciotoli (Five Element Fight Team)  vs.  Jon Gearhart (Indp.)   165lbs

Lavon Crawley (Five Element Fight Team)  vs.  Nick Tamer (Infinity MMA)  175lbs

Chris Torres (Five Element Fight Team)  vs.  Shant Temisjian (Les Princes MMA)  175lbs

Jeff Houston (Indp.)  vs.  Darius Childs (Indp.)  170lbs

Gregory Thomas (Indp.)  vs.  Kyle Kennedy (Full Force MMA)  185lbs

Joseph Nequoyah (Toronto)  vs.  Curtis Wright (Delaware)   140lbs

Cassandra Durant (Staples MMA)  vs.  Hannah Grable    135lbs   TITLE FIGHT

Xi Lau (Apex)  vs.  TBD   125lbs   TITLE FIGHT

Deni Odefin (Five Element Fight Team)  vs.  Keith Ragin (Utica)  210lbs 

Andres Fernandes (Les Princes MMA)  vs.  Josh Waterman (MVMMA)  150lbs

Dustin Greene (Five Element Fight Team) vs. Brice Burns (MVMMA)  140lbs

Max Cote (Les Princes MMA)  vs.  Mitch Miller (Five Element Fight Team)  180lbs

Josh Gould (Indep.)  vs.  Salvatore Ciccarelli (MVMMA) 





These are the only confirmed fights we have currently but we have others that are in the confirmation process right now. Stay tuned!!

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